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Fly-In Fly-Out DVD

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Title: Fly-In Fly-Out DVD
Author: Kronk, Robert
Price: $108.00

Fly-In Fly-Out DVD
The show – filmed during its premier tour in May 2013, as well as special features and behind the scenes shorts.”

There’s interviews with the actors about developing character and playing multiple characters, as well as a bit of Robert Kronk talking about the same.

There’s also a little short about the devising process for the show and some back stage glimpses.

The Play-
A funny and gritty play about growing up in a mining town, dealing with change and serving fried chicken ...

Jenny lives in a small Queensland mining town: she's almost finished Grade Ten and is struggling to balance school, her part-time jobs, her wayward sister, her relationships, and everyone's expectations. When the charismatic Seb flies into town, Jenny's balancing act is thrown into chaos and her world threatens to collapse around her.

Fly-In Fly-Out looks at how families and communities deal with upheaval and how we strive to adapt. The play examines universal themes through the prism of the mining boom and the influx of fly-in fly-out workers into a small community.

From the makers of the critically acclaimed Snagged and Ithaca Road, Fly-In Fly-Out has been developed in consultation with communities and young people throughout Central Queensland. The show is a must see for audiences of all ages and begins the conversation about what communities can do to develop resilience in the face of change.

Written by Robert Kronk with Howard Cassidy
Director: Howard Cassidy
Featuring: Peter Cossar, Toby Martin, Timothy Potter, Stephanie Tandy and Tammy Weller
Design: Josh McIntosh
Sound design/composition: Evan Dean
Lighting design: Jason Glenwright

Commissioned by the Education Community Alliance (ECA), produced by debase and supported by Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts and ArTour with financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

"Our students thoroughly enjoyed the performance. ?
In fact they were the most animated I’d ever seen them ... the play wove many of the characteristics of our communities, and the social and economic issues we encounter, brilliantly into a script that was very appealing ..."
- Kim Wood, Clermont State High School

"Fly-In Fly-Out is energetic and fast moving with a rapid tempo that ensures full attention. The characters are instantly lovable. The themes of family, first love, grief, pressure, work/home balance are easily relatable and pose questions for students and teachers to ponder well after the show ... it set tongues wagging."
- Natalie Nunan, Brisbane Bayside College

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/11/2013
Format: DVD
ISBN: 9780980688245
Fly-In Fly-Out DVD