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Reflective Playwork - For All Who Work with Children

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Title: Reflective Playwork - For All Who Work with Children
Author: Kilvington, Jacky and Wood,Ali
Price: $39.99

"Reflective Playwork" provides an introduction to playwork values, principles and practice for all who work with children. It recognizes that all have a need for play, and seeks to encourage the provision of time and space for all children to freely enjoy its benefits. In a world where we are ever seeking to protect our children and to encourage their educational progress, it is often overlooked that the need for play is as important as the need for food and sleep. Play deprivation can result in a child having less energy for education, a lower ability to use creative and imaginative ways of problem solving, a poorer self image, being less able to cope with the stresses and strains of life and sometimes being more likely to look for 'kicks' in anti-social ways. This book encourages a greater understanding of play from the child's perspective, and suggests ways in which adults can support and enhance play. It covers: playwork principles and practice; play theory; the child; playwork values and practice; playwork and society; playwork education, training and continuing professional development; and, quality and management of playwork. It is written for those who are looking to promote and celebrate the need for play in all of their work with children, and who see their role as supportive rather than supervisory. Further, it is for those who recognize that the rewards of working with children come as a privilege. "Reflective Playwork" is for the playworker and for all others who work with children - such as childcare practitioners, teaching assistants, health workers, social workers, teachers and those in management - who are looking to understand and adopt the values and principles in their own settings.

Contents: Introduction; Playwork Principles and Playwork; Play; The child; Playwork Values and Playwork Practice; Quality and Management in Playwork; Playwork and Society; Playwork Education, Training and Continuing Professional Development.

Author Biography: Jacky Kilvington works freelance in all aspects of playwork. She has designed, delivered, written and assessed material for many of the national playwork qualification providers. She has long been involved in the theoretical and practical application of playwork in a range of different ways. Ali Wood is a freelance playwork consultant and has designed, delivered and written training materials for Play Wales, SkillsActive, CACHE and Playwork Partnerships and is committed to an inspirational style of learning. She has carried out academic research projects in children's emotional development.

Publisher: Continuum International Publishing
Publication date: 17/12/2009
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780826497642
Publishing status: Print On Demand
Reflective Playwork - For All Who Work with Children