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Beginning Drama 11-14
Author: Neelands, Jonathan
Stock: 0 $48.99 GST included
Centre Stage 3rd Edition
Author: Clausen, Mathew
Stock: 2 $54.95 GST included
Creating Drama
Author: Burton, Bruce
Stock: 1 $69.95 GST included
Drama 7-11 Developing Primary Teaching Skills
Stock: 0 $65.99 GST included
Making Drama
Author: Burton, Bruce
Stock: 0 $65.00 GST included
Performance (A Practical Approach to Drama)
Stock: 1 $65.00 GST included
Rainbow of Desire (The Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy)
Stock: 0 $75.99 GST included
Strategies for Playbuilding - Helping Groups Translate Issues into Theatre
Stock: 1 $39.95 GST included
Structuring Drama Work: 100 Key Conventions for Theatre and Drama
Stock: 2 $63.95 GST included
Teaching Classroom Drama and Theatre - Practical Projects for Secondary Schools
Stock: 1 $60.99 GST included