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Stage Management (10e)

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Title: Stage Management (10e)
Author: Stern, Lawrence + O'Grady, Alice R.
Price: $114.95

Revered as the authoritative resource for stage management, this text offers students a practical manual on how to stage manage in all theater

Rich with practical resources - checklists, diagrams, examples, forms and step-by-step directions - Stage Management eschews excessive discussion of philosophy and gets right to the essential materials and processes of putting on a production. In addition to sharing his own expertise, Stern has gathered practical advice from working stage managers of Broadway, off-Broadway, touring companies, regional, community, and 99-seat Equity waiver theaters.

Chapter 1 Making Things Run Smoothly

Chapter 2 Characteristics of a Good Stage Manager
Attributes of Good Stage Managers
Communication/Management Skills

Chapter 3 Getting the Play and Understanding It
The Promptbook
Understanding the Script
Area Lighting Diagrams
Entrances and Exits
Pronunciation Questions
Special Effects

Chapter 4 Scheduling and Company Rules
The Master Calendar
Staff Meetings
Rehearsal Schedules
Company Rules
The Callboard

Chapter 5 Getting Acquainted with Your Theater
Who Does What?
Personal Equipment for Stage Managers
Begin Box
Stage Diagrams
Circuit Breakers
Diagram of Lighting Instruments
Information Packets

Chapter 6 Expediting Auditions and Readings
Working with Actors
Accepting Resumes
Controlling Scripts
Obtaining Information
Controlling Forms
Preparing a Cast List
Conducting the Deputy Election
First Cast Meeting or Read-Through

Chapter 7 Budgeting

Chapter 8 Rehearsal Procedures
Working with the Director During Rehearsal
Preset Diagrams
Rehearsals Away from Your Stage
Your Rehearsal Call
Rehearsal Duties
Keeping Track of Rehearsals
Accident Prevention and Reports
Keeping a Do-List
Avoiding Rehearsal Problems

Chapter 9 Keeping the Cast on Time
Sheets
The Calls

Chapter 10 Department Management and Property Management
The Stage Manager as Coordinator of Departments
Property Forms

Chapter 11 Supervision of Shifts
Shift Plot Charts
Crew Briefing
Scene Dock
Shift Inspection
Scene Shift Diagrams
Audience Caution
Distribution of Scene Diagrams
Upkeep of Sets

Chapter 12 Running the Technical Rehearsal

Chapter 13 Running the Show
Giving Cues
Cueing Equipment
Timing Curtain Calls
Walking the Curtain
Access to the Control Booth

Chapter 14 Working with the House Manager
Duties of the House Manager
Blood-Borne Pathogens
Rotating Duty Rosters
VIP Lists

Chapter 15 Keeping the Show in Hand
Long-Run “Improvements”
Cast Morale
Blocking Replacements and Rehearsing Understudies
Upkeep of Sets and Costumes

Chapter 16 Closing and Moving/Touring
Strike Plan
Changeover Schedule
Moving the Show

Chapter 17 Fire/Evacuation
Stage Manager's Fire/Evacuation Checklist

Chapter 18 Working with Unions

Chapter 19 Organizing Information
Local Theater
Newspapers, Magazines, and Internet Info
Guides to Goods and Services
Contact File
Keeping Current with the Technology of Theater
Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)
Police, Fire, and Municipal Regulations

Chapter 20 Correspondence
A Letter to the Next Stage Manager
Letters of Recommendation
Thank-You Notes

Chapter 21 Getting a Job
Your First Job as Stage Manager
Personal Mailing List
Long-Range Goals

Appendix A: Production Checklist from a Stage Manager's Point of View
Appendix B: Forms
Appendix C: A Few Theater Stories
Appendix D: Website of Interest to Stage Managers
Appendix E: What Would You Do?

Reader's Comments Form.

* New chapter on working with unions includes anecdotes from working stage managers on typical problems. (ch 18)
* Fully updated teaching strategies and classroom exercises submitted by college instructors of stage management. (ex. p. 136)
* New coverage on using the internet and social media in the world of stage management. (ex. pp. 254-256)
* Added information about associations of interest to stage managers (AATE, PLASA) and updated information about USITT, SMNetwork, TCG and SMA. (ex. p. 260)
* New communication strategies for stage managers in committee situations. (ex. p. 9)
* New community theater production checklist reflects how the stage manager's work interfaces with a producer's or director's agenda in community theaters (ex. pp. 275-279)
* Up-to-date information on technical theater, especially sound, better introduces students to the equipment needed for today's theatrical productions. * Includes an expanded section on running a technical rehearsal.(ex. pp. 170-177)
* Updates to industry resources and online resources are included in each chapter to provide students with access to contemporary sources (ex. pp. 250-252)

* The included checklists and forms, derived from years of experience, allow the neophyte stage manager to start from scratch and get the show ready ON TIME! (ex. p. 95)
* Practical experience informs every page and students save themselves years of learning by trial and error as they learn the best way to manage a production. (ex. pp. 137-138)
* The text's lively, no-nonsense, experienced voice and numerous examples boost students' confidence. (ex. p. 47)
* Practical advice-from how to put together a prompt script to how to expedite auditions to how to run a tech rehearsal to how to schedule the dismantling of the set-provides a great overview of the entire process and makes for a reference work that theater professionals will find themselves referring to throughout their careers. (ex. pp. 31-34)

Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 09/02/2012
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780205006137
Publishing status: Active (web)
Stage Management (10e)