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Casting Handbook - For Film and Theatre Makers

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Title: Casting Handbook - For Film and Theatre Makers
Author: Catliff, Suzy
Price: $75.99

Casting is a crucial creative element of any production - and yet the craft and skills needed to put together a successful and exciting cast are often overlooked. The Casting Handbook explains the casting process from beginning to end and covers everything producers and directors needs to know - as well as proving a fascinating and illuminating read for actors. The book explores: how to prepare a breakdown where to source actors how to prepare for a casting session how to make casting decisions how a cast is put together how deals are done ethics and the law, with special reference to casting children how a casting director contributes to the initial development of the script how the casting works from fringe theatre to Hollywood blockbusters The Casting Handbook considers actors', producers', agents' and directors' relationship with a casting director, the day to day work that is casting, and how approaching it in a professional and informed manner can make the difference to the final product.

Including interviews with actors, agents, directors, casting directors and producers; case studies; exercises; and a fact file of useful templates and contacts, this book offers a thorough induction into the casting process, suitable for students and early career professionals in any media.

How to Use this Book
Definitions of Casting
A Brief History of Casting
Chapter 1. Where to Start?
Chapter 2. The Breakdown
Chapter 3. Where to Look for your Cast
Chapter 4. Casting Directors
Chapter 5. CVs, Showreels & Planning the Session
Chapter 6. Setting up the Session
Chapter 7. The Session Part 1
Chapter 8. The Session Part 2
Chapter 9. The Session Part 3
Chapter 10. Casting Children
Chapter 11. The Business of Casting
The Interviewees: Quotes & Case Studies

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 12/02/2013
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415688246
Publishing status: To Order
Casting Handbook - For Film and Theatre Makers