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Alternative Shakespeares
Author: Drakakis, John
Stock: 0 $44.99 GST included
Alternative Shakespeares - v2
Author: Hawkes, Terence (Ed)
Stock: 0 $46.99 GST included
Arden Dictionary of Shakespeare Quotations
Author: Shakespeare, William and Armstrong, Jane (ed)
Stock: 0 $24.99 GST included
Constructing Shakespeare on Screen
Author: Bechervaise, Neil Edward
Stock: 1 $36.95 GST included
Henry VI Plays
Author: Hampton-Reeves, Stuart
Stock: 1 $29.95 GST included
Hollow Crown - The War of the Roses
Stock: 1 $44.95 GST included
How to Do Shakespeare
Author: Noble, Adrian
Stock: 0 $44.99 GST included
How to Read a Shakespeare Play
Author: Bevington, David
Stock: 1 $44.95 GST included
Is This a Dagger Which I See Before Me?
Author: Shakespeare, William
Stock: 1 $4.99 GST included
Meaning by Shakespeare
Author: Hawkes, Terence
Stock: 0 $68.99 GST included
Merely Players - Actors' Accounts of Performing Shakespeare
Stock: 1 $68.99 GST included
New Sites for Shakespeare (Theatre, the Audience and Asia)
Stock: 0 $61.99 GST included