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Films of Alfred Hitchcock

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Title: Films of Alfred Hitchcock
Author: Sterritt, David
Price: $38.95

The introduction gives an overview of Hitchcock's long career, with special attention to the varied influences on his work; themes that run through many of his films, from the 'transference of guilt', to the connection between knowledge and danger; the overlooked importance of his presence within his films, including his famous cameo appearances and characters who represent him within the story; his fascination with performance and the ambiguities of illusion and reality; the question of viewing him and his work through the auteur theory; and other issues.

Also discussed is the relationship between Hitchcock as a serious, even tormented artist and Hitchcock as a magician with a weakness for cinematic practical jokes.

Six chapters then provide in-depth examinations of key films: Blackmail, his first talkie; Shadow of a Doubt, one of his personal favourites; The Wrong Man, which questions the nature of guilt and innocence; Vertigo, arguably his most profound work; Psycho, his most savage look at the nature of evil; and The Birds, his last masterpiece and one of his most widely misunderstood works.

"Of the more critical film-by-film analyses this volume by the astute Christian Science Monitor critic Sterritt is the most complete and thoughtful and doesn't get bogged down in film-school folderol." Knight Ridder News Service

1. Introduction
2. Blackmail
3. Shadow of a Doubt
4. The Wrong Man
5. Vertigo
6. Psycho
7. The Birds
8. Epilogue

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 26/02/1993
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780521398145
Publishing status: To Order
Films of Alfred Hitchcock