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Voice Exercise Book
Author: Nelson, Jeannette
Stock: 1 $28.99 GST included
Voice Exercise Book: The Warm-Ups CD
Author: Nelson, Jeannette
Stock: 0 $28.00 GST included
Way of Acting
Author: Suzuki, Tadashi
Stock: 0 $23.95 GST included
Why is That so Funny? (A Practical Exploration of Physical Comedy)
Stock: 0 $28.99 GST included
Words into Worlds -: Learning a Second Language through Process Drama
Stock: 1 $66.95 GST included
Young Actor s Handbook
Author: Kruse, Jeremy
Stock: 1 $21.99 GST included
Youth Theatre: Drama for Life
Author: Richardson, Michael
Stock: 0 $46.99 GST included
Zen and the Art of the Monologue
Author: Sankey, Jay
Stock: 0 $44.99 GST included