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Acting (Re)considered (A Theoretical and Practical Guide)

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Title: Acting (Re)considered (A Theoretical and Practical Guide)
Author: Zarrilli, Phillip B.
Price: $70.99

Acting (Re)Considered is an exceptionally wide-ranging collection of theories on acting, ideas about body and training, and statements about the actor in performance. This second edition includes five new essays and has been fully revised and updated, with discussions by or about major figures who have shaped theories and practices of acting and performance from the late nineteenth century to the present. The essays - by directors, historians, actor trainers and actors - bridge the gap between theories and practices of acting, and between East and West.

No other book provides such a wealth of primary and secondary sources, bibliographic material, and diversity of approaches. It includes discussions of such key topics as:
* how we think and talk about acting
* acting and emotion
* the actor's psychophysical process
* the body and training
* the actor in performance
* non-Western and cross-cultural paradigms of the body, training and acting.

Acting (Re)Considered is vital reading for all those interested in performance.

* List of illustrations
* Contributors
* Preface
* Acknowledgements

01. General Introduction: Between theory and practice Phillip B. Zarrilli

PART I Theories and Meditations on Acting
02. Introduction Phillip B. Zarrilli
03. The Actor's Presence: Three phenomenal modes Bert O. States
04. On Acting and Not-Acting Michael Kirby
05. "Just Be Your Self": Logocentrism and difference in performance theory Philip Auslander
06. The Actor's Emotions Reconsidered: A psychological task-based perspective Elly Konijn

PART II (Re)Considering the Body and Training
07. Introduction Phillip B. Zarrilli
08. An Amulet Made of Memory: The significance of exercises in the actor's dramaturgy Eugenio Barba
09. Meyerhold's Biomechanics Mel Gordon
10. Etienne Decroux's Promethan Mime Deidre Sklar
11. Actor Training in the Neutral Mask Sears A. Eldredge and Hollis W. Huston
12. Bali and Grotowski: Some parallels in the training process I. Wayan Lendra
13. Culture is the Body Tadashi Suzuki
14. My Bodies: The performer in West Java Kathy Foley
15. "On the edge of a breath, looking": Cultivating the actor's bodymind through Asian martial/meditation arts Phillip B. Zarrilli
16. The Gardzenice Theatre Association of Poland Paul Allain
17. Effector Patterns of Basic Emotions: A psychophysiological method for training actors Susana Bloch, Pedro Orthous and Guy Santibanez-H

PART III (Re)Considering the Actor in Performance
18. Introduction Phillip B. Zarrilli
19. Brecht and the Contradictory Actor John Rouse
20. Dario Fo: The roar of the clown Ron Jenkins
21. Forum Theatre Augusto Boal
22. Resisting the "Organic": A feminist actor's approach Lauren Love
23. Rachel Rosenthal Creating Her Selves Eelka Lampe
24. Task and Vision: Willem Dafoe in LSD Philip Auslander
25. David Warrilow: Creating symbol and cipher Laurie Lassiter
26. Robert Wilson and the Actor: Performing in Danton's Death Ellen Halperin-Royer
27. Anna Deavere Smith:
Part I: the World Becomes You: and interview with Carol Martin;
Part II: Acting as Incorporation. Richard Schechner Notes.

* Bibliography and References Cited
* Bibliographical Note: Actors speaking on acting
* Index

Phillip B. Zarrilli is internationally known for training actors in psychophysical process through Asian martial/mediation arts, and as a director. He is the author of numerous books and essays including: When the Body Becomes All Eyes (1998); Kathakali Dance-Drama: Where Gods and Demons Come to Play (1999); a co-author of Indian Theatre: Traditions of Performance and the editor of Asian Martial Arts in Actor Training.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 24/10/2002
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415263009
Publishing status: AU Print-on-demand
Acting (Re)considered (A Theoretical and Practical Guide)