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112 Acting Games: Practical & Performance-Tested

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Title: 112 Acting Games: Practical & Performance-Tested
Author: Levy, Gavin
Price: $36.50

The Second Edition of this popular text includes twenty-five new bonus games! The revised introduction from the author emphasises the versatility of these games, and explains how educators and instructors from many different fields have used these activities to promote success. The objective of this book is to give theatre teachers the tools they will need not just to play a game or teach an exercise, but also to actually understand the reasons they are doing so and the practical benefits of each exercise. This handy text will also enable teachers to hold a group discussion when necessary and guide them on how to ask leading questions. For each of the games, divided into skill categories -- sensory awareness, characterisation, action and reaction, nonverbal communication and much more -- you will find not only the description of the game, but also discussion guidelines, suggestions of variables and a clearly delineated purpose for the game.

Publisher: Meriwether Publishing,U.S.
Publication date: 17/08/2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781566082006
Publishing status: OS In-stock BN
112 Acting Games: Practical & Performance-Tested