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Puppets and Performing Objects - A Practical Guide

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Title: Puppets and Performing Objects - A Practical Guide
Author: Bicat, Tina
Price: $49.95

"Puppets and Performing Objects" reveals a world where a suitcase can comment on politics and a marionette can play Faust. It is a practical exploration of the use of puppets and objects, and how they are used with light, shadows and sound in performance today.

It examines:
* Why directors, writers and producers use puppets and objects. Styles of performance.
* The difference between props and performing objects.
* The work of makers and animators, and how actors learn to animate.
* Puppets and objects and community work.
* What puppets and objects can do that humans can"t.

Tina Bicat"s work with theatre, film, television and carnival includes productions with casts of hundreds, one-man shows, puppets, transformations, tricks and special effects, as well as more traditional costume designing and making. She combines design, making and inventing for professional theatre with her work with drama students at St Mary"s University College, Twickenham. She is the author of several books on theatre practice published by The Crowood Press.

111 colour photographs & 6 line drawings

Publisher: Crowood Press Ltd
Publication date: 26/10/2007
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781861269607
Publishing status: Out of Stock
Puppets and Performing Objects - A Practical Guide