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Puppetry in Theatre and Arts Education: Head, Hands and Heart

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Title: Puppetry in Theatre and Arts Education: Head, Hands and Heart
Author: Smith, Johanna (California State University, San B
Price: $43.99

Connecting the art of puppetry with deeper learning for children, this workbook offers a comprehensive guide on how to bring puppetry into the classroom. It places puppet design, construction and manipulation at the heart of arts education and as a key contributor to 'manual intelligence' in young people.

Packed with practical, illustrated exercises using materials and technology readily available to teachers, Puppetry in Theatre and Arts Education shows you how the craft can enliven and enrich any classroom environment, and offers helpful links between puppetry, the curriculum and other aspects of education.

Informed by developments in assessments and cognitive research, this book features approachable puppetry activities, educational strategies and lesson plans for teachers that expand any syllabus and unlock new methods of learning, including:

- Making puppets from basic materials and everyday objects
- Puppetizing children's literature
- Puppetizing science
- Film-making with puppets

Puppetry in Theatre and Arts Education is a core text for arts education courses as well as an essential addition to any teacher's arsenal of teaching strategies.

1 Introduction

About My Lesson Plan Structure
2 Johanna's Newspaper Challenge or The Puppetry Test
3 What is a Puppet? (The Plastic Bags Lesson)
4 Head, Hands, and Heart
5 Everyday Object Puppets
6 The Power of Design: Puppet Metaphors

Seven Dwarves Word Cards
7 Chakabesh Traps the Sun: Shadow Puppets and
8 Puppetizing Children's Literature
9 Puppetizing Science: A Cross-Disciplinary Plan for Younger Children
10 Puppet Filmmaking in the Classroom
11 Giant Puppets and Community Celebrations

The Fabulous Art of Paper Maché
Version by Johanna

12 Quick and Easy Ideas for Making Puppets
13 Finding Material for Puppetizing Lessons
14 A Plan for Devising A New Puppet Play

“[Johanna] Smith's approach to creation and performance reminds educators, parents, and the everyman that puppetry is an accessible and dynamic means to immersive learning. In an age of standardized testing, Ms. Smith's offers innovative assessments that change the way a classroom can be examined and enjoyed by everyone.” – Elena Velasco, Artistic Director of the Convergence Theatre and Assistant Professor of Theatre, Bowie State University, USA

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication date: 21/02/2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781350012912
Publishing status: Active
Puppetry in Theatre and Arts Education: Head, Hands and Heart