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Puppetry Handbook (2nd edition)

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Title: Puppetry Handbook (2nd edition)
Author: Sinclair, Anita
Price: $75.00

This book introduces you to the major principles and techniques of puppetry.

Puppetry is perhaps the greatest way of integrating all the Arts. It welcomes Music, Dance, Visual Design, Language, Literature, Mask, Film and Television. Puppetry loves Clowning and Circus skills, light shows, story telling and magic. Puppetry is a rich, fertile sphere of communication, visual stimulation, excitement, provocation, fantasy and fun!

Puppets are active participants, not static decorative objects. This book examines methods of design, construction and employment of puppets intended for use in a dramatic context. It explores ways in which puppets can be brought to life: puppets with things to do, people to meet and remarkable stories to tell!

As well as the detailed text, this book contains over 500 technical and informative drawings by the author. It is a manual of instruction from cover to cover.

"If there was an award for the best puppet book of the year, this book would surely win it." DaSilva Puppet Books, UK.

"This book deserves to be on the library shelves of every school and institution with an interest in drama and the performing arts. .. I'd give it to anyone from 10 to 100." Lowdown Magazine, Australia.

"This book is treasure trove. The illustrations on almost every page delight the eye and stimulate the mind." The Puppeteers of America Journal, USA.

"The Puppetry Handbook is one of the best practical puppety books that I have read in many years." ADEM (Australian Drama Educational Magazine) Australia.

Publication date: 01/01/2000
Format: Spiral Bound
ISBN: 9780975080429
Publishing status: To Order
Puppetry Handbook (2nd edition)