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Puppet Heroes from Around the World

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Title: Puppet Heroes from Around the World
Author: Siegrist, Joann Spencer and Hale, Pat
Price: $31.95

Text on Puppetry from nine different cultures - Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Japan, Africa, Sicily, France and England - with stories of their heroes and ways to bring them alive through classroom study and performance.

"What a delight to have so many wonderful stories about puppetry and so many good ideas about how to make them come alive in a classroom. Joann Siegrist and Pat Hale have a fascinating array of knowledge about this art form. This book is a treasure trove of information and inspiration." - Cheryl Henson, President of the Jim Henson Foundation

Puppetry from other times and places offers so many opportunities to bring our young people cross-cultural awareness, links to the curriculum, and the fun and rewards of performing in new ways. This book brings you the resources to do just that.

Each chapter gives you a verbal snapshot of the culture from which the puppet heroes and heroines arose, a description of the puppeteers, the puppets and the stage, a scenario from which a play can be developed, suggestions for other resources, and "Links to Learning" - ways in which making and performing with these puppet heroes will help you reach curricular goals.

Here you'll meet the full range of puppet types - the shadow figures of Indonesia, China and Turkey, the Bunraku of Japan, marionettes from Sicily and France, and the hand-puppet figures of Punch and Judy performances. Along the way you'll encounter two unique puppet styles - the water puppet figures of Vietnam and foot puppets from Africa. Included are program ideas and construction tips to meet the needs of summer camps, libraries, in-service workshops and museums which want to offer something special as well as serve as an important resource for puppeteers, art teachers, and drama specialists who want to extend their reach.

6x9 - 106 pages. 12 full-page illustrations.

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780971577565
Publishing status: Last copy available
Puppet Heroes from Around the World