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seven methods of killing kylie jenner

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Title: seven methods of killing kylie jenner
Author: Lee-Jones, Jasmine
Price: $27.95

In this innovative play blending real life and online culture, a young Black woman takes to Twitter to voice her frustration with white women profiting off Black culture and stereotypes. When The Discourse turns on her, the line between internet personas and IRL relationships blurs, and the heightened scrutiny she comes under puts her real-life friendship under strain...

seven methods of killing kylie jenner combines theatre with gifs, memes and emojis to explore stereotypes of Black womanhood, white capitalist exploitation, and the politics of social media activism.

'It’s hard to get the internet right. It’s arguably even tougher to truly nail Twitter... writer Jasmine Lee-Jones and director Milli Bhatia replicate the feeling of social media without needing a single screen... Lee-Jones’ drama is a different species. An evolution.' The Upcoming

'Jasmine Lee-Jones’s powerfully original debut play... is genuinely hilarious, especially for audiences that are both ‘extremely online’ and well-versed in Black Twitter... It’s way too much, like when you accidentally play a video on your phone at full volume on a morning commuter train. And that’s what makes it exciting.' Time Out London

'It is rare to see a play that feels so precisely timely in both its writing and execution. It marks Lee-Jones out as a brilliant, creative new voice... [a] blistering debut play... crackles with rage and sadness.' The Stage

'To say that Lee-Jones tells this 80-minute story with vigour is like saying that a twitter storm is a mild inconvenience. Her text is alive! amazingly energetic sense of how real life and twitter life can collide, combine and contradict each other. It's one of the liveliest pieces of writing to appear for a long time. At the same time, there's a raw pain that aches through the piece... Lee-Jones writes with intelligence and control... you really do need to look at the playtext to see the full splendour of the playwright's imagination.' The Arts Desk

'The best play to date to dramatise the eruptive discourse of modern millennial identity politics as experienced in real life and online... it’s perfectly performed by Tia Bannon and Danielle Vitalis, who, just like Lee-Jones, have talent to burn.' The Telegraph

'A blizzard of a play... voices from a new theatre.' The Observer

'The playtext is a brilliant patchwork of GIFS, twitter threads and acronyms as well as traditional stage dialogue. It showcases a language that is rich and specific, and of its moment, and originated, curated and developed by young black women... This is a play about and utilising the internet – but in a super creative way, because the internet isn’t a choice anymore. Generation Z genuinely can’t remember a world before the internet, and its language and its structure are part of every sentence we craft... Exeunt Magazine

'If you’re in London and need theater ideas, I saw seven methods of killing kylie jenner and can’t stop thinking about it. For those who care about what young, diverse people are going through in today’s world, go see this. Bravo, Jasmine Lee-Jones.' Charlize Theron

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd
Publication date: 08/07/2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781786828071
Publishing status: Indent (2-3 weeks)
seven methods of killing kylie jenner