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Title: Raymondo
Author: Siddons, Annie
Price: $17.99

Raymondo and his brother Sparky have been locked in the cellar underneath their house for six years. An accident involving a pigeon enables their escape. But do the brothers have the requisite skills to survive a haphazard and cruel world? A play for one actor. Raymondo is a story of brotherhood, loss, incarceration, escape, survival, desire, art and resilience. It is a story about the shittiness of others, the kindness of others and Love. Simply told by a woman with a microphone and an atmospheric live score of guitars, loops and keyboard, Raymondo is a raw, dark, funny and tender lyrical narrative that will sear through your defences straight to your heart.

'Siddons writes with the expansive worldview and lively thoughtfulness of novelists like Zadie Smith' BroadwayBaby

‘a rich, wild and precise poetry that breathes a colossal and sometimes angry humanity.’ The Scotsman

‘untamed brilliant writing…an outstanding storyteller.’ Festmag

‘A tale of such vivid sensuality, musicality & heart. Siddons makesa cape of much more than OK. Unforgettable.’ Tim Crouch

‘I adored Raymondo. Siddons is a born writer, sensuous,subversive and sweary.’ Chris Goode

‘Annie Siddons’s quirky storytelling is an absolute joy.’ A Younger Theatre

‘Siddons will make you feel like a child again as she wraps you in her very grown-up tapestry’ Edinburgh Festival Magazine

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd
Publication date: 07/08/2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781783198955
Publishing status: OS Archived