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Mime Book

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Title: Mime Book
Author: Kipnis, Claude
Price: $29.95

A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Mime by Claude Kipnis

The great French mime performer, Claude Kipnis, reveals the mechanisms and techniques of mime in an easy-to-understand translation. This is not a theoretical "art of" book, but a functional "how to" and "why to" instructional guide.

Individual exercises are included, together with detailed coverage of body movements, the illusion and how to create a world. This book comprehensively explains the functions of mime. Certainly a basic text for any aspiring mime.

Part One
* The Body
* Isolation, and
* Coordination

Part Two
* The Illusion
* The Movement of the Mime
* The Mime of the Object, and
* The Subject as an Object

Part Three
* Creating a World
* The Mime of the Subject
* Pantomime
* The Uses of Imagination, and
* The Mime: His Limits and His Liberties

Publisher: Meriwether Publishing,U.S.
Publication date: 01/11/1989
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780916260552
Publishing status: To Order
Mime Book