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Getting the Joke

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Title: Getting the Joke
Author: Double, Oliver
Price: $29.95

An examination of the art of stand-up comedy, its constituent parts and how they work.

Considering stand-up comedy to be an art-form deserving greater attention and analysis, Getting the Joke provides an exploration of the work of the stand-up comedian. Beginning with a brief history of the art form, the book goes on to examine the key elements, such as the comedian's stage persona, their material and how this is generated, the art of performance, their relationship to and interaction with the audience, and the development of stand-up skills.

The book draws on interviews with many of the leading stand-up comedians, including Jo Brand, Alexei Sayle, Ross Noble and Rhona Cameron, and contains detailed analysis of examples from both the British and American markets.

Aimed at fans of stand-up and aspiring comedians alike, Getting the Joke is the first book of its kind to offer an accessible and engaging analysis of the art of stand-up comedy.

By the author of Stand-Up: On Being a Comedian - 'a fantastic book for anyone who's got any interest in stand-up comedy' (Mark Lamarr)

Oliver Double's previous book, Stand-Up: On Being a Comedian, was published by Methuen in 1977. Double started his career as a professional comedian before lecturing on and teaching drama and comedy at the University of Kent. He is the author of many journal articles on stand-up comedy and comedians.

Publisher: A & C Black Publishers Ltd
Publication date: 25/08/2005
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780413774767
Publishing status: Indent (4-6 weeks)
Getting the Joke