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10 Skits For Younger Performers

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Title: 10 Skits For Younger Performers
Author: Warwick, Valerie and Stevens, Richard
Price: $39.00

These versatile Skits are suitable across a wide range of ages and offer a wonderful mixture of humour, magic, morals and fun, some include music and dance sequences. Performance times run from 5 to 20 minutes and cast numbers are flexible. The 10 Skits may be presented together to make up a full 2 hour show with interval. Skits may also be used as class pieces.


KIDS COURT (Approximately 8 – 10 minutes)

A courtroom scene presided over by Judge, Mr. Dan Druff, Prosecutor, Defence Lawyer, Clerk and Jury. Charges are brought against Timothy Tuppence who is accused of scrumping apples. The hearing is interrupted by various members of the jury, who eventually cause havoc leading to an early dismissal of the case.

2. INGLENOOK FOREST (Approximately 12 minutes)

Emily goes to sleep and wakes up in a forest full of talking trees. They tell her that she has been called upon to free them from the pine forest as they are only small fruit trees. On awaking, she learns that her family had actually been for a walk in a forest and came across a small orchard of fruit trees. The trees are then liberated to live and grow happily in Emily’s garden.

3. THE SLEEPY FOLK OF ZELLO (Approximately 12 minutes)

A shooting star dropped magic dust upon the people of Zello sending them into a long, deep sleep. Many years later another falling star sprinkled magical dust that broke the spell and woke up the angel of happiness who awoke the folk from the sleepy village of Zello. Dance and creative movement piece with narration.

4. MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER PERSON (Approximately 6 – 8 minutes)

A woman stands ironing whilst she talks to the audience about the man in her life, her significant other person. She describes him with great pride. She builds up a picture of this strong man of the law, a person of authority and power. Ted eventually appears, ready to leave for duty, and she proudly hands him his Stop/Go sign.

5. THE DISAPPEARING OCEANS (Approximately 20 minutes)

King Neptune appears to two young children who are building sandcastles on the beach. He shows them the wonders of the sea, introducing a dance by colourful fish in an underwater scene. He goes on to explain what will happen if man continues to pollute the seas.

6. THE LOOBWEEPS TEA PARTY (Approximately 15 minutes with poems)

(For the very young) The Queen of the Loobweeps holds a tea party for special guests, Lady Penelope Pineapple and Lord Rupert Rhubarb. Two groups, the Weepkins and the Loobkins entertain their guests with nursery rhymes. They end their afternoon with a huge cake.

7. RAPPIN WITH THE A B C (Approximately 4 - 5 minutes per group)

(Music and movement sequence for the very young) Thirteen children enter, each carrying a cut out letter of the alphabet. To a rap beat, one by one each child presents their letter accompanied by movement and rhyme. The first of the thirteen then reverses their cut out and proceeds with their second letter, followed by the others children until Z is reached. They finish with a chorus and a choreographed rap dance.

8. IT’S UP TO EVERY ONE OF US (Approximately 15 minutes)

Two different families visit the same picnic area, the first abusing the environment and showing what not to do. A second family arrives and see the devastation caused by the lack of care, and leave the area. The first family appear again but this time they demonstrate awareness of the environment. The second family reappear, see the changes and stay to enjoy their picnic.

9. THE PATCHWORK QUILT (Approximately 15 minutes)

Grandmother is sitting in an old rocking chair working on a large patchwork quilt. She is joined by her grandson who asks about the pieces of material she is sewing. With each piece she recalls memories from her childhood, which are enacted, as flashbacks, by various groups.

10. FAIR DINKUM (Approximately 5 minutes)

An Australian outback scene: Children around a camp fire at dusk. They listen to the local stockman who introduces them to various colloquialisms and explains their meanings, and how the various Australian sayings came into being.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780957980037
Publishing status: AU In Distributor In BN
10 Skits For Younger Performers