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Art and Practice of Costume Design
Author: Merz, Melissa
Stock: 0 $92.99 GST included
Cosplay World
Author: Ashcraft, Brian
Stock: 1 $45.99 GST included
Digital Costume Design and Collaboration
Stock: 0 $52.99 GST included
Essentials of Period Style: A Sourcebook for Stage and Production Designers
Stock: 0 $92.99 GST included
Handbook of Costume Drawing
Author: Baker, Georgia
Stock: 0 $81.99 GST included
Handbook of Stage Costume
Author: Bicat, Tina
Stock: 1 $35.00 GST included
Introduction to Theatre Design
Author: Di Benedetto, Stephen
Stock: 0 $81.99 GST included
Patterns for Costume Accessories
Author: Levine, Arnold S.
Stock: 1 $50.00 GST included
Staging Ideas (Concepts and Techniques for Costume and Set Designers)
Stock: 1 $49.99 GST included
Stays and Corsets: Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body
Stock: 0 $71.99 GST included