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Shakespeare on Toast (Getting a Taste for the Bard)

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Title: Shakespeare on Toast (Getting a Taste for the Bard)
Author: Crystal, Ben
Price: $19.99

Who's afraid of William Shakespeare? Just about everyone. He wrote too much and what he did write is inaccessible and elitist. Right? Wrong. "Shakespeare on Toast" knocks the stuffing from the staid old myth of Shakespeare, revealing the man and his plays for what they really are: modern, thrilling and uplifting drama.

Actor and author Ben Crystal brings the bright words and colourful characters of the world's greatest hack writer brilliantly to life, handing over the key to Shakespeare's plays, unlocking the so called difficult bits and, astonishingly, finding Shakespeare's own voice amid the poetry. Told in five fascinating Acts, "Shakespeare on Toast" sweeps the cobwebs from the Bard - from his language, his life, his time - revealing both the man and his work to be relevant, accessible and full of beans.

Author Biography: Ben Crystalis an actor and writer. He has worked in TV, film and theatre, includingthe reconstructed Shakespeare's Globe, London, and is a narrator for RNIBTalking Books, Channel 4 and the BBC. He co-wrote Shakespeare's Words(Penguin 2002) and The Shakespeare Miscellany (Penguin 2005) withDavid Crystal, and regularly gives talks and workshops on Shakespeare.

Publication date: 07/05/2009
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781848310544
Publishing status: Active
Shakespeare on Toast (Getting a Taste for the Bard)