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Getting to Know Shakespeare

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Title: Getting to Know Shakespeare
Author: Scanlan, Pauline & Rathgen, Elody
Price: $49.95

This innovative, photocopiable resource forms a great introduction for juniors to Shakespeare and his plays. Getting to Know Shakespeare is packed with activities that provide tasters of the language, humour, characters and excitement of the plays, and sets the stage for getting to grips with his plays.

The resource will capture students' imaginations through its focus on:
• The supernatural
• Crimes and criminals
• Women in Shakespeare

At school, many of us can recall slogging through a seemingly impenetrable Shakespearian play! Students shouldn’t have to have bad experiences when they work with Shakespearian texts. Often it is difficult for students to retain their interest and focus while working exclusively with one Shakespearian text.
Through this thematic approach, and the many and varied activities that students are provided with, you can make the study of Shakespeare an engaging and interesting experience for your students.

Publication date: 01/01/2012
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781927172278
Publishing status: Active (web)
Getting to Know Shakespeare