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20 Easily Staged Character Recitals
Author: Scheuber, Judi
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Acting in Person and in Style in Australia
Stock: 0 $93.95 GST included
Acting One + Acting Two
Author: Cohen, Robert
Stock: 0 $147.95 GST included
Commedia Oz - Playing Commedia in Contemporary Australia
Stock: 1 $19.99 GST included
Dance Shaba Dance (and other puppet stories)
Stock: 4 $20.00 GST included
Drama Journeys
Author: Mooney, Mary
Stock: 1 $29.95 GST included
Author: ATYP National Studio 2016
Stock: 1 $26.99 GST included
Keith Bain on Movement
Author: Campbell, Michael (ed)
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Living Drama (4th edition)
Author: Burton, Bruce
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Playlab Female Monologue Collection (A5 reproduction)
Stock: 1 $21.95 GST included
Playlab Male Monologue Collection (A5 reproduction)
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Post-Colonial Drama -Theory, Practice, Politics
Author: Gilbert, Helen and Tompkins, Joanne
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