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Beggar's Opera
Author: Gay, John (edited by David Linley and Vivian Jones
Stock: 0 $14.99 GST included
Author: Crouch, Tim
Stock: 1 $17.99 GST included
Ben Hur
Author: Barlow, Patrick
Stock: 1 $24.00 GST included
Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Author: Robinson, Barbara
Stock: 0 $25.95 GST included
Bitch Boxer
Author: Josephine, Charlotte
Stock: 0 $21.95 GST included
Blabbermouth (play)
Author: Morris, Mary
Stock: 1 $23.99 GST included
Black Crows
Author: Brogan, Linda
Stock: 2 $21.95 GST included
Black Diggers
Author: Wright, Tom
Stock: 5 $25.95 GST included
Blackberry Trout Face
Author: Wilson, Laurence
Stock: 1 $29.95 GST included
Author: Enright, Nick
Stock: 2 $23.99 GST included
Blowout (copied and bound play text with teachers notes)
Stock: 1 $30.00 GST included
Blue Bones
Author: Tong, Merlynn
Stock: 1 $24.95 GST included