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Title: CUSP
Author: Butler, Mary Anne
Price: $23.99

Cusp juxtaposes the Northern Territory’s vast Top End landscape with the turbulent lives of three emerging adults as they swim against the tide of irrevocable change.

An urgent new work from an award-winning playwright exploring how people make choices, and how much choice people really have given their circumstances.

Mary Anne Butler's deeply funny play throws a spotlight on the warmth and humanity that keep us balanced in a world where, as Elvis puts it:

“Some people just get better choices than others.”

Elvis wants Rosie. Rosie wants to escape. Maddie doesn’t know what the hell she wants, but it sure isn’t this. While Rosie balances the needs of community with her own life dreams, Elvis juggles a life of crime with a tougher path into the straight-and-narrow, and Maddie faces life as a single parent unless she aborts her unborn child.

Cusp examines the lives of three young adults as they swim against the tides of irrevocable change. How do you move into the future, when your past keeps dragging you backwards?

Mary Anne Butler is an award winning playwright based in Darwin. Her plays include Broken, Highway of Lost Hearts, The Sound of Waiting, Half Way There and an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Mary Anne is a four-time winner of the NT Literary Awards, a 2016 Sidney Meyer Creative Fellow, 2014 Churchill Fellow and 2015 Regional Arts Fellow. She holds an MPhil in Creative Writing and an MEd in Arts Education, and she is co-Artistic Director of Knock-em-Down Theatre. Mary Anne has recently been commissioned to adapt Broken for the screen.

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Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 04/03/2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760623340