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Genesis and Other Plays (Nine Monologue Plays)

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Title: Genesis and Other Plays (Nine Monologue Plays)
Author: Nigro, Don
Price: $24.95

Animal Salvation: 1 m. 3 chairs on a bare stage.
In this poetic play, a mad girl shares her terrible vision of a the future when humanity, consumed with guilt for exploiting, torturing and destroying animals, leaves children in the forest for wolves and lions to devour. The animals assume human guilt and pass it on to the plants. This unusual play is an audition piece of great power and strange beauty.

Boneyard: 1 m. 3 chairs on bare stage.
In this funny play about time, aging, and the eerie eternal life of art, Ben has turned forty and is going out with women young enough to be his daughter. He has odd flashbacks to television idols from his childhood: aging Cisco and Pancho trying desperately to mount fat old horses, toothless old sidekicks like Gabby and Jingles, and of the dying, heroic Beckett like Buster Keaton playing all the parts in Romeo and Juliet in a dark theatre before a probably imaginary audience. A Pendragon play.

The Dark: 1 m. Bare stage.
A man in his late thirties is obsessed with a haunting moment in his childhood when he seemed to remember a previous existence. His struggle to understand this experience in light of his subsequent life leads him to the bare stage of an empty theatre. This haunting investigation into the nature of reality, dreams, theatre and identity, an addition to the Pendragon series embodies central themes of this playwright's large and varied body of work.

Diogenes the Dog: 1 m. Bare stage.
In this outrageous and irreverent monologue, Diogenes the Dog (who is either the ancient Cynic philosopher, a deranged modern street person, or some bizarre combination of the two) rails against every form of hypocrisy and self righteousness. He does his best to offend everyone while conducting his own manic and demented investigation into the nature of man. It is a perfect showcase for a wild and slightly insane character actor.

Frankenstein: 1 f. Bare stage.
A pretty young woman in a low cut dress has something must tell her date before she invites him in: she is obsessed with Frankenstein-- the old movies, the comic books, the original novel and the world of Shelley and Byron from which it evolved, and Genesis because the Frankenstein myth is one powerful manifestation. Through the sheer force of her imagination and passion, she wants to become every person and every element in a created universe. This is a unusual showcase for an actress with energy and charm.

Genesis: 1 f.
A stool on a bare stage. In this provocative, sad and funny play about the kind of monkey we are, a feisty Eve speaks about life in the Garden of Eden with the simple minded Adam, the turquoise eyed serpent, and the elusive and brooding Creator with his bizarre rules and enigmatic disposition. Eve has her own views on love, sin, loneliness, and the motives of the tortured and frustrating Lord of the Garden, and they are not at all what she is supposed to believe.

Haunted: 1 f. 2 chairs on a bare stage.
In this impressionistic, lyrical stream of consciousness play set in 1823, a beautiful young woman in a white dress compulsively relates the complex, Gothic story of her brief and tragic life. It is an erotic and eerie tale of passion, incest, drowning and a haunted family in a haunted house; part of the author's Pendragon family plays.

Horse Farce: 1 m. Bare stage.
An old stage actor reminisces about his triumphs in a certain famous farce, but his defective memory and his many backstage amours disrupt the flow of his narrative. La Rue, a compulsive raconteur, doesn't let this stop him. The increasingly convoluted stream of sordid and hysterical memoirs reveals the absurdity, vanity, sadness and joy of a life spent in the cruel chaos of the theatre, providing a wonderful piece for a character actor.

Madrigals: Comedy. 1 f. 1 chair on a bare stage.
A pretty girl about 20 years old sits painting her toenails. In her slightly mad fashion, she explains human existence through her intense study of birds. Help also comes from the Venerable Bede and the other inhabitants of Sarcey's Palace, a house of ill repute in Terre Haute. This compelling play explains the Zen of toenail painting and the infinite compassion of God.

Publisher: Samuel French Inc (NY US)
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780573693434
Publishing status: Active
Genesis and Other Plays (Nine Monologue Plays)