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Title: Watchlist
Author: Vickery-Howe, Alex
Price: $23.99

Watchlist speaks to an emerging generation of environmental activists while exploring surveillance culture, the illusion of free speech and the erosion of privacy laws.

Part romantic comedy, part mystery, part Kafkaesque journey into the shadowy and surreal, the play confronts the urgency of our deteriorating environment, the inevitability of climate change the rising number of animal extinctions and the hard choices we can no longer defer.

Basil Pepper is not ‘the man’. He’s not a doer, or a fighter. He’s not even much of a thinker. Besides his cruel name, Baz is average in every respect. World events pass him by, ideology makes him sleepy and the prime minister’s name eludes him. So, it comes as a surprise when Baz takes a sharp turn towards activism. The catalyst, as always, is a potential love interest...

Delia Dengel is sex in a muumuu, a self-proclaimed ‘flower grandchild’ who hands out copies of the Big Issue on Grote Street and lights a candle for any cause that tugs at her heartstrings. Baz is smitten, and it isn’t long before he begins to see the world through Delia’s eyes.

That’s when the storm begins.

* Cast 2F, 3M

Alex Vickery-Howe is an award winning playwright and emerging director/screenwriter. In 2008 he made his writing debut with Once Upon a Midnight, a bilingual, bicultural horror rock musical. The show opened in Okinawa, Japan, before selling out again at the Adelaide OzAsia Festival. Since then, he has written for the stage in partnership with a number of theatre companies. His feature screenplay Stupid Dead Boy won the Australian Writers’ Guild ‘What’s the story’ screenplay competition. Recently, he completed an internship at StudioCanal working in screen acquisitions and script assessment/development. He holds a PhD from Flinders University, where he specialises in writing internationally for younger audiences.

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 01/04/2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760623111