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Switch Off The Light So I Can See

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Title: Switch Off The Light So I Can See
Author: Warwick, Valerie
Price: $26.40

A very versatile and amusing comedy piece that can be presented as a one act play, or three totally separate skits.

The Play:

An announcement on the news turns a quiet evening in front of the telly into a night of confusion, suspicion, and comical mayhem. Bill, quite convinced their ironing lady is a wanted criminal on the TV, takes steps to catch her in the act. Unfortunately, the tables are turned and HE is the one that ends up in a very embarrassing situation. The skits are presented in the play as three separate TV programs

The Three Skits: Solve My Problem: A TV show hosted by celebrity Oprah Sinfree and a panel of experts.
The Six O'clock News: A comical take-off of the TV news, followed by a very unpredictable weather forecast. This is Your Wife: A program looking at how well husbands know their wives. Three quite different skits providing the opportunity to develop characters with humour.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780957980013
Publishing status: Active
Switch Off The Light So I Can See