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Only Gammon - Three plays from Kooemba Jdarra

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Title: Only Gammon - Three plays from Kooemba Jdarra
Author: Newcastle, Anthony
Price: $23.95

Only Gammon: Three Plays from Kooemba Jdarra
By Anthony Newcastle, Mike Dickinson, Therese Collie, and
Nadine McDonald

Yarnin’ Up
By Anthony Newcastle and Mike Dickinson

Cast: 2M 2F
Character Ages: 15–60
Length: 1.5 hrs approximately
Target Audience: Senior Years / Adult
Style: Drama
Themes: Indigenousness, cultural difference, reconciliation

“Yarnin’ Up was one of the most subtle and original pieces of theatre I have ever had the pleasure to view, and should be compulsory viewing for all Australians.”- M/C Reviews

When Evey is forced to relocate her life from an Indigenous community in St George to Brisbane city, she finds herself caught between two cultures. Jo, a neighbouring Indigenous musician is a constant reminder of the culture they once shared, while Ken, her white landlord, is well meaning but unknowingly racist. When Indigenous Affairs worker Malcolm moves into the building, he persuades Evey to buy into the white man’s world. But will his plan come undone?

Yarnin’ Up premiered at the Adelaide Festival in 2002.

Anthony Newcastle and Mike Dickinson have both written for the educative stage; Newcastle wrote Picanni Dreaming in 1999 which toured the state and Dickinson wrote Wordplay which was showcased as a part of QTC’s education season.

Binni’s Backyard
By Therese Collie and Nadine McDonald

Cast: 2M 2F (can have a cast of up to 6)
Character Ages: 15–60
Length: 30 minutes approximately
Target Audience: Primary Years
Style: Education
Themes: Wildlife, spiritual connections, environmental care

“I’M GOING! ALRIGHT? Meanie! I’ll show him! I’m going to stay in the backyard forever
and ever and ever and ever!”

Join Binni as she discovers the wonderment of her own backyard. Forced to play outside by her dad, Binni is not happy to be missing her favorite television shows. But as she meets the animals and wildlife living outside, Binni quickly changes her mind!

Binni’s Backyard premiered at the Out of the Box Festival, 2000.

Nadine McDonald and Therese Collie have both directed shows for Kooemba Jdarra, McDonald as previous Artistic Director and Collie as an independent artist. Therese and Nadine have adapted Binni’s Backyard for a Queensland Arts Council tour of primary schools in 2012.

Goin’ to the Island
By Therese Collie

Cast: 2M 2F (can have a cast of up to 7)
Character Ages: 15–60
Length: 1.5 hrs approximately
Target Audience: Senior Years
Style: Drama
Themes: Disadvantaged youth, drug and alcohol abuse

“ It’s just that I love everybody on this island. Not just immediate family. This island is my
home! These are my people!”

Thomas Jenkis was born on the Island. In and out of jail for petty crime, he eventually finds himself on the streets of the mainland. Seven years later, he returns to the Island to celebrate his 21st birthday, reacquainting himself with the people from his past. Goin’ to the Island is a contemporary tale that mixes modern life with traditional stories, new songs and old.

Goin’ to the Island premiered at the Merivale Street Studio, Brisbane in 1999, and was nominated for an AWGIE Award.

PLAYWRIGHT Therese Collie is a director, actor and dramaturg, and has written two AWGIE Award nominated plays for Kooemba Jdarra.

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/01/2002
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780908156672
Publishing status: Active
Only Gammon - Three plays from Kooemba Jdarra