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Tribute of Sorts (A5 reproduction)

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Title: Tribute of Sorts (A5 reproduction)
Author: Schostakowski, Benjamin
Price: $23.00

"What we have here is a series of tales, each more unfortunate than the last. A collection of melconcholies. A melancholy collection. It’s a tribute to life in all its dramatics, it’s a tribute to the odd and the indifferent. It’s a tribute to being young and dying young by accident. Let’s begin."

Oddball teen cousins Ivan and Juniper Plank are putting together a glitzy variety show chronicling the series of extremely unfortunate events that led to the demise of 26 infants. It's a tribute ... of sorts.

Welcome to a weird, warped eisteddfod, where this endearing pair lead you on a brilliantly inventive, wickedly funny journey – in strict alphabetical order, of course – through the short lives of these doomed infants.

The gothic quirkiness of Tim Burton meets the adorable kitsch of Wes Anderson in A Tribute of Sorts. An artful, dark, morbidly funny celebration of the art of theatre itself.

PRODUCTION HISTORY: A Tribute of Sorts premiered in 2012 at La Boite as part of La Boite Indie. It's debute production was winner of 4 Matilda Awards including; Best New Australian Work, Best Independant Production, Best Male Actor - Dash Kruck and Best Female Actor - Emily Burton.

THEMES: Theatre, macabre
LENGTH: 1 Hour
CAST SIZE: 1 - 2 Cast Members

BOOK BINDING: This is an A5, laser printed, bound with cloth tape reproduction of the DIGITAL PUBLICATION (also available).

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 24/10/2013
Format: A5 reproduction
ISBN: 11110115
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping
Tribute of Sorts (A5 reproduction)