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Wolf Lullaby

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Title: Wolf Lullaby
Author: Bell, Hilary
Price: $23.99

Cast: 2M 2F + Child's Voice (2yrs old)
Character Ages: 9yr (x1), 28yrs (x2), 50yrs (x1)
Time: The present
Place: A small industrial town in Tasmania
Action: The story unfolds over a period of about ten days

Props and set should be minimal

"Wolf Lullaby has the assurance and the craft of a mature writer confient of her ability to stir, challenge and engage an audience." - Sun Herald

In a bleak, remote town, a small child is murdered. Suspicion falls on nine-year-old Lizzie. Angela, Lizzie's young mother, is convinced her daughter is guilty. She must make the torturous choice between ignoring what her intuition tells her, and presenting Lizzie to the police with painfully extracted information. Lizzie is constantly haunted by a 'Wolf', which seems to overwhelm her and, in her own words, 'swallow' her. It is not only Lizzie who is changed forever by the act. Her father Warren, bewildered and full of denial, and the local policeman, Ray, find their accepted beliefs crumbling around them. And Angela, at the end of the play, does not know how she will go on.

WOLF LULLABY is about the disturbing subject of children as murderers. It asks not only WHY it occurs, but HOW we should deal with it. The play raises the question of chance, how close we have all come to the edge, and what is it - luck? moral instinct? - that pulls most of us back. There is also an investigation of the idea of 'truth': is it more important to a small child to tell the actual event as they happened, or to please the questioner - particularly if that person is the parent?

Hilary Bell, the inaugural winner of the Philip Parsons Young Playwrights' Award, 1994, impels the audience to ask crucial questions: vigorous self-examination must be the begining, even if we cannot find the answers.

The author's research for this play included reading a wide variety of newspaper articles on the James Bulger case, the Eric Smith case, the Mary Bell case and the Jeffery Dahmer case as wellas various children's rhymes and fairy tales. Gitta Serney's book, The Case of Mary Bell (London: Arrow Books, 1972) was another very helpful resource.

Premiered by Griffin Theatre Company at the Stables, Sydney, 1996.

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 01/02/2002
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780868196688
Wolf Lullaby