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Urban Dingoes

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Title: Urban Dingoes
Author: Price, Norman
Price: $25.95

Cast:1M 3F
Character Ages: 25–60
Length: 2 hrs approximately
Target Audience: Adult
Style: Black Comedy
Themes: Relationships, love, money, psychology, age, life

“this is a story that rides a wave of black humour
that builds to truly grotesque and macabre peaks.”
– M/C Reviews

Claire is in her old age, but you’d never know it. She sees herself differently from her children, who have grown up mean and full of bile. The children descend upon the family home like carrion dogs to deal with the matter of their ageing mother once and for all. They have come to tear Claire and her world to pieces and feast upon the remains of her life and home. But Claire has prepared a surprise party for them of Gothic proportions. Darkly comic, with a macabre twist at the end, Urban Dingoes is a poetic play that examines the familial and cultural inheritances embedded in the Australian psyche.

First produced by the La Boite Theatre Company, in association with the Energex Brisbane Festival, 2004.

Norman Price is a playwright, director, actor, theatre scholar, and graduate from NIDA (Acting) in 1961. He has worked for over 30 years in the theatre industry both in Australia and overseas, lecturing in Theatre Studies at the University of Melbourne as well as overseas. Norman’s commissioned performance texts include: The Other Mother, Hand Luggage, A Sweet Life, Looking Through Glass (screenplay), Life With Catherine (La Boite) and The Pineapple Queen (La Boite). Published texts include: Barking Dogs (Metro Arts), Urban Dingoes (La Boite) and Kitchen Diva (La Boite).

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/01/2004
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780908156887
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping
Urban Dingoes