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Gods of Spicy Things - a Divine Comedy + Tiptoe

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Title: Gods of Spicy Things - a Divine Comedy + Tiptoe
Author: Hayes, Sue
Price: $24.95


Cast: 1M 1F (can have a cast of up to 4)
Character Ages: 30
Length: 1 hr appoximately
Target Audience: Middle Years / Senior Years
Style: Comedy / Musical
Themes: Spirituality, enlightenment, culture, relationships

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

Two Hindu gods, two mortals, an urn, and a Lonely Planet guide. Leela, a magazine writer, has fled Australia to India, seeking spirituality and adventure. Chris, an Anglo-Indian advertising guru, has returned to his Indian homeland to scatter his mother’s ashes. Bollywood, divine interventions and a wager, lead these two chance companions on a travel sutra. Together they struggle with this ancient and modern culture and find that India has its own way of relieving them of excess baggage.
Are they on the road to love or is this just another bumpy bus ride? Will the gods help them achieve enlightenment, or will the gods themselves be enlightened? Gods of Spicy Things is a divine comedy about the beautiful contradiction that is India.

The world premier of Gods of Spicy Things was co-produced by JUTE Theatre and Crossroad Arts at the JUTE Theatre Cairns in February 2008 and later toured with Queensland Arts Council.

Graduating from Ensemble Studios, Sue Hayes has performed, co-written and devised various physical theatre pieces including Women on Wings, Ode to Mums, Kitchen Kaos and both wrote and performed in Gods of Spicy Things. Sue is currently lecturing various theatre modules at James Cook University, Cairns.


Cast: 4F
Character Ages: 20+
Length: 1 hr approximately
Target Audience: Senior Years / Adult
Style: Gothic Drama
Themes: History of people and environment, cultural identity


"There will be documents. Photos. Maps. Going back for years and years. There will be secrets. Must be. And she will be guarding them. Winsome. The oldest sister."

When Brisbane visual artist Emma Lee is commissioned to construct a public art piece in Charters Towers for the Centenary celebrations, she is inspired by notorious vagrants Annie Bags and Tiptoe Jen, from the town’s gold mining past. When Emma discovers that Tiptoe had mysteriously disappeared, she becomes convinced that Charters Towers’ elderly respected sisters, Winsome, Ruby and Dot, know what happened to her. Emma’s quest to discover the truth leads her into dangerous waters, as these three sisters are not what they seem.

The world premier of Tiptoe was produced by JUTE at the JUTE Theatre, Cairns and opened on Friday 4 July.

Michael’s produced works include Persona non Grata 2, Dump, Body Parts, Ginger Boy, and Snap. Formerly artistic director of HardSun Theatre Company in Townsville, Michael has written and directed professionally for several years in North Queensland for Tropic Line, TropicSun and JUTE theatre companies. Michael is a member of the Interplay Board and has been a member of the Regional Arts Development Committee and a member of the Peer Assessment Panel for Arts Queensland.

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/12/2009
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780908156702
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping in stock
Gods of Spicy Things - a Divine Comedy + Tiptoe