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Belonging Trilogy [Eve; Home; He Dreamed A Train]

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Title: Belonging Trilogy [Eve; Home; He Dreamed A Train]
Author: Margi Brown Ash
Price: $39.95

Alongside the three plays, social artist, Margi Brown Ash shares her devising processes and provides key learnings for readers to reflect on and explore their own personal and cultural mythology, collaborative practice and map of home and belonging.
THEMES: Not-Belonging, Eve Langley, Isolation
LENGTH: 1.5 Hours


EVE — Eve is the fictional story of a writer caught somewhere between the domestic and the artistic; a story of a reluctant mother and passionate artist; a story for anyone who’s ever felt as if they never belonged. Inspired by Australian writer Eve Langley, Eve is part memoir, part fiction, part homage to the sacrifice of the artist.

HOME — Using humorous stories of survival in the ‘burbs’ as self-indulgent daughter, non-corporate wife, stressed out mother, ambitious actor who can, in Brisbane, only imagine playing the roles of her dreams and therapist who wants to save the world, HOME moves backwards and forwards through time, travelling from Australia to Egypt and to the USA, and returning again and again to Brisbane the town we love to hate, and hate to leave.

HE DREAMED A TRAIN — The compelling, heart-warming and beautiful story of a sister and her brother as they face his premature death.

Returning to the family home, childhood memories and the human depths of love and loss are explored through words full of wisdom and big picture thinking.

Publication date: 01/01/2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925338928
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping
Belonging Trilogy [Eve; Home; He Dreamed A Train]