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Religious Drama - A Classic Quartet

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Title: Religious Drama - A Classic Quartet
Author: Corey, Orlin
Price: $49.95

"These are the only religious dramas conceived for cathedral and chancel production to achieve international applause since Eliot's Murder In the Cathedral in the mid-thirties, and Fry's A Sleep of Prisoners in the early fifties. They belong in every good theatre library, and will be of abiding interest to producers and directors of both secular and sacred stages. Corey has a theatrical genius for conceiving and creating dramatic rituals of abiding power and magnetism, evidenced in his adaptations and staging." - The late E. Martin Browne, English producer of the plays of T.S. Eliot and Christopher Fry, and patron of Everyman.
Adapted and staged by Orlin Corey and the Everyman Players. Introduced by E. Martin Browne.

This anthology of The Book of Job drama; the cantata of Romans by Saint Paul; The Pilgrim's Progress; and Esther the Queen - the "crown jewels" of the distinctive Everyman Players. It uniquely includes the director's staging plans for these celebrated ritual productions, in tandem with the text. Sussinct introductions set forth the rationale of each, followed by a summary of performance history. Paperback, 263 pages.

Cast: 5m., 5w. It is a story of endurance and faith that is embraced by many world cultures. Job, a very wealthy man loses everything, to invasion and disaster, except his faith in God. His friends, the elders of his community, come to counsel him. Each believes that he holds the answer to Job's toubles, but Job clings only to God's promise. The voice of God speaks, from a whirlwind, in poetic metaphor of the vast mysteries of creation and power. Job's reverence to God remains strong, and he is rewarded. Costumes may be original in design, or follow the Byzantine mosaic concept of Irene Corey. Strong roles for actors with classically trained vocal skills. A religious drama, arranged from the King James version of the Bible. Designed for spoken and chanted choral presentation, this narrative and poetic interpretation of The Book of Job has been performed in altar settings, on traditional theatrical stages and in an outdoor amphitheatre. Platform stage with levels.

Cast: 10-12 (5m., 5-7w.) From Paul's personal introduction to his three-fold benedictions a masterful intelligence informs his mighty purpose: to concisely state Christianity's message, rooted in the rich Jewish tradition. By insightful example and sweeping summary he journeys from Adam to Abraham; Moses to the Prophets, revealing "the secret kept since the world began," opening a spiritual vista both universal and revolutionary. Keystone of this spoken orchestration is the Apostle's mastery of classical rhetoric. Employing the language of the Authorized Version of King James, this dramatic presentation of this epistle radiates a passionate expression of love, hope, and peace.

This arrangement of Saint Paul's letter to the Romans (circa 58 A.D.) is staged as a dramatic spoken cantata with musical interludes. Staging may be interpreted in various ways. The professional premiere of the work, by the Everyman Players, chose design inspired from 12th century Romanesque sculpture (interpreted into design by Irene Corey) and bell music of the carillon (composed by Johan Franco). This play has been performed on traditional stages as well as in churches and cathedrals around the world.

Cast: 72 roles which may be performed by as few as 15 actors. Christian, burdened by failure and betrayal, determines to flee the City of Destruction in search of a better place. In his wandering he blunders into the Slough of Despond, stumbles through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and debates with such imposters as Mr. Worldly Wiseman and Ignorance. He discovers the Cross and finds his way, befriended by fellow pilgrims, and after setbacks and failures, he arrives at the Celestial City. Staging may be elaborate or simplified. Medieval era stylized costumes. Mobile props, puppets, mask and Elizabethan-style pageantry have been used successfully. This play has been performed on traditional stages as well as in churches and cathedrals.

The original cast of the EverymanPlayers enjoyed an extensive national tour, followed by an Off-Broadway engagement in New York's Gothic, Riverside Church. John Bunyan's "little book", as he called it, is an allegorical adventure story, ablaze with color and character, and fueled by the inner urgency of a true spiritual quest. This adaptation utilizes the straightforward English dialogue of Bunyan. Largely eliminated is his tendency to interpret and moralize. Instead, the characters carry the story.

Cast: 50 roles which may be performed by as few as 17 (11m., 6w.) actors. The story portrays a crisis of the Israelites, already scattered by defeat by the Persians, again facing the threat of annihilation. Esther, a secret Jewess, confronts the necessity to act to save her people. She does so courageously, with the guidance of her wise uncle Mordecai, utilizing her dazzling beauty and influence on the King to outwit their adversaries who are plotting the death of all the Jewish people within the 127 provinces of the sprawling, fifth-century B.C. Persian empire. In due course, the pogrom against the Jews is foiled and diverted back on to the enemies. The joyful Feast of Purim, celebrates this deliverance. Production is viualized on an open platform, whether in temple, cathedral or theatre, with nearly 180 degrees of accessible openness for staging the interweaving of scenes with sweeping props and costumes in processional.

This adaptation of the epic story of the orphaned Jewish girl who became the wife of the mighty Persian King Ahasuerus (Xerxes), faithfully sustains the narrative flow of the masterful text from the King James English translation.

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 397
Publishing status: Last copy archived
Religious Drama - A Classic Quartet