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Four Plays for Coarse Actors

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Title: Four Plays for Coarse Actors
Author: Green, Michael
Price: $22.95

20m or f. Three living-rooms; a throne-room; a forest.

The number of characters given above would be sufficient to cover the presentation of all four plays by the same cast. Ages can vary from young to the practically senile. The plays are presented as parodies of four dramatic styles, in the performance of which everything which can conceivably go wrong in a production does so.

Il Fornicazione is a grim tale of operatic adultery, poison and mayhem.

Streuth is a crime story which even Agatha Christie would never have dared to write.

A Collier's Tuesday Tea combines the kitchen sink with the coal-mine, and with an irreverent glance at D.H. Lawrence.

All's Well That Ends As You Like It ('from an idea by William Shakespeare' and set in 'the Forest of Solihull') pushes the genius of the Bard to its utmost limits, while managing to filch lines from most of his own plays.

In all four, cues are missed, effects fail, props are lost or in the wrong place, furniture and scenery collapses - and one play, Streuth, gets itself into such confusion that it is doomed, apparently, to perpetual motion: but the Coarse Actors struggle gamefully on throughout. Apart from the essentials, the settings can be simple or elaborate, as facilities permit.

Publisher: Samuel French Ltd
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780573000089
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Four Plays for Coarse Actors