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Title: Claptrap
Author: Friedman, Ken
Price: $21.95

Comedy. 2m, 3f. Unit set.

Claptrap is a farce in the very best meaning of that word. It has two heroes, one a failed writer who never manages to get beyond page one, and the other an actor who never manages to get an acting job.... Since Sam the writer is hurting for money he manages to convince his girlfriend that he can take care of the funeral services for her father, hoping to ingratiate himself with the widowed and wealthy mother. Only he conducts it in a fast food joint that you have to see to believe. When Harvey the actor stumbles in thinking he's auditioning for a role all hilarity breaks loose. When they become roommates the laughs are coming at you nonstop.

"I have to honestly admit that I was laughing so hard that I couldn't possibly write down the wild, fanciful and outrageous lines which Mr. Friedman concocted to keep this funny, funny play going. Nothing is sacred including an art deco funeral urn which may set new standards." - WEEI Radio, Boston.

"Hilariously . . . captures the finest elements of farce." - Palm Beach Post

"Wonderfully funny moments of . . . slap stick and wit." - New York Daily News

"Screwball comedy . . . manic laughter." - The New York Post

Publisher: Samuel French Inc (NY US)
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780573600029
Publishing status: Indent (2-3 weeks)