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Book Nook is now based in Melbourne

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Phone: (03) 9525 7595      Fax: (03) 8677 9490
PO Box 1335, St Kilda South, Melbourne, Victoria 3182

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New Australian Plays

Almighty Sometimes
Author: Feaver, Kendall
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included

Hell's Canyon
Author: Sheehan, Emily
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included

Motor-Mouth Loves Suck-Face
Author: Crowley, Anthony
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included

Harp in The South Trilogy
Author: Mulvany, Kate
Stock: 1 $29.99 GST included

Where the Streets had a Name
Author: Di Cesare, Eva (adapt from Randa Abdel-Fattah)
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included
Mathematics of Longing
Author: Miller, Suzie
Stock: 2 $22.99 GST included
Hungry Ghosts
Author: Tong, Jean
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included
Good Cook. Friendly. Clean
Author: Robinson, Brooke
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included
Sugar House
Author: Valentine, Alana
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included
Author: Akerholt, May-Brit
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included
Wonder Fly
Author: Atkins, Nick
Stock: 1 $24.95 GST included
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Author: Evans, Daniel
Stock: 0 $23.95 GST included
Pineapple War
Author: Philpott, Lachlan
Stock: 2 $23.95 GST included
Barbara and the Camp Dogs
Author: Yovich, Ursula
Stock: 2 $22.99 GST included
Alice in Wonderland
Author: Butler, Mary Anne
Stock: 0 $22.99 GST included
Author: Bates, Vanessa
Stock: 3 $22.99 GST included
Dead Devils of Cockle Creek
Author: Marquet, Kathryn
Stock: 3 $24.95 GST included
Author: Betzien, Angela
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included
Single Asian Female
Author: Law, Michelle
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included
Zeal Theatre volume 2 [King Hit + Lucky Country]
Stock: 1 $29.99 GST included
Intersection 2018: Chrysalis
Author: Behringer, Madison
Stock: 2 $26.99 GST included
Kill Climate Deniers
Author: Finnigan, David
Stock: 2 $22.99 GST included
Peasant Prince
Author: Cesare, Eva Di (Based on the Book by Li Cunxin)
Stock: 1 $22.99 GST included

New Teaching Resources

Teaching Drama (Skills, games and playbuilding)
Stock: 1 $34.99 GST included
Dramawise Reimagined: Learning to Manage the Elements of Drama
Stock: 2 $49.99 GST included
School Drama Book: Drama, Literature and Literacy in the Creative Classroom
Stock: 2 $49.99 GST included
Centre Stage 3rd Edition
Author: Clausen, Mathew
Stock: 0 $51.95 GST included
Drama for Early Childhood
Author: Zachest, Katherine
Stock: 1 $49.99 GST included

Coming in December

Living Drama (5th edition)
Author: Burton, Bruce
Stock: 0 $72.95 GST included


We have a small showroom in Melbourne that customers can visit by appointment only.

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Bookmarks Newsletter: September 2017 edition published

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*Extra postage may be charged for heavier items.

Dramawise Reimagined (published 2017)

In 1987, Brad Haseman and John O'Toole released Dramawise, a definitive text for teachers, students and drama practitioners, which shaped many classroom programs and curricula at a state, national and international level.

Dramawise Reimagined is a completely revised and updated version of that book, written with the Australian National Curriculum in mind, and aimed at all levels of secondary education and as an introduction to drama at the undergraduate level. Dramawise Reimagined reaches beyond the original concepts, offering newly challenging drama activities that reflect complex questions in today's society.


2016 Australian Plays – Top 50 Best Sellers

Australian Plays published in 2016

by Bangarra Dance Theatre


A foot in each world. A heart in none.

Acclaimed Artistic Director and Choreographer Stephen Page brings Bangarra Dance Theatre's outstanding dance work SPEAR to the screen. Striking and original, Page weaves story through dance to deliver an extraordinary cinematic experience in his feature film debut.

Using gesture and dance, with minimal dialogue, SPEAR follows a young Aboriginal man named Djali (Hunter Page-Lochard) from North East Arnhem Land to the streets of Sydney on his quest to understand what it means to be a man with ancient traditions in a modern world.

Featuring the brilliant Bangarra dancers and an evocative David Page score that combines traditional and contemporary music, SPEAR is an intimate journey with one of Australia's most celebrated artists and one of the most affecting and spiritually resonant films of the year.

Classification: Mature themes and coarse language
Release Date: 19/10/2016
Runtime: 81.0 mins

Tales of a City by the Sea
MEDEA - The River Runs Backwards
Staging Youth Theatre - A Practical Guide
The Swimming Club by Hannie Rayson
On with the Show by Annette Kosseris